In case you’re not on board yet, transitioning to more sustainable kitchenware and home decoration items isn’t only better for the environment and your health.

Many people don’t realize that the overall home decoration items can also have a huge impact on how sustainable your lifestyle is. Making just one, small change in your daily routine can make all of the difference for our planet!

That’s because many kitchens and some home decoration items are made of plastic, and the chemicals in plastic products can leach into your food when the plastic is hot or stay a long time in containers. but you can make many low-lift changes to transform your home and your health quickly!

Here is some idea for your consideration

  1. Handmade rattan storage tray

This handmade sturdy rattan tray will bring your living space elegance and feelings of relaxation. Pretty accent for any room, this rattan tray is woven by hand, which refers to the technique of alternating the color from a light natural to dark mocha when weaving the rattan peel over the rattan vine.

2. Handmade seagrass planter basket

Ratan plant pot

Bring in plants and other items from nature

Decorating with nature is about as sustainable as design gets. Bring plants into your home. Place some twigs in an old glass jar. Collect rocks from the river. Buy handmade art featuring things like leaves and trees. All to make your living space close to nature

It can be displayed in all areas of the house, including the interior, the living room, the nursery, the kitchen, the desk, the balcony, and the bookcase,… You can buy these unique potted plants to display in your office, workspace, restaurant, or coffee.

A fantastic housewarming gift or a one-of-a-kind gift, good Christmas gift ideas, or a Thanksgiving gift,…

3. High-quality seagrass rug

Seagrass is a versatile flooring material that is used in a variety of applications throughout the house. Its durability lends itself to high-traffic areas, so wall-to-wall seagrass carpet is a perfect fit for living rooms and seagrass custom runners make sense for busy hallways and foyers. Because seagrass is non-absorbent, seagrass is also an excellent material for dining room and kitchen area rugs

100% natural material, eco-friendly, durable, decoration, alternative usage. This rug with a lovely color and its foldable feature makes it easy to transport and change home decoration. it can be used for hotel, office, living room, bedroom and home décor

4. Seagrass laundry basket

Eco-friendly bathrooms are a current design trend, which is fantastic from the point of view of sustainability – as well as design!

These days, a modern eco-friendly bathroom is about so much more than just the tiles and fixtures you choose.

It’s about going beyond the materials and bringing a mindset of sustainability into every aspect of the space. From the products you use to wash and brush, to the towel you dry off with, an eco bathroom is about making conscious choices at every step.

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